Henry VI, Part 1

Episodes 180 - 191. Originally released on July 7, 2018

Show Notes

Episode 180 | The Road To Richard

Henry VI part 1 – Intro
Is this Shakespeare? What’s Stylometry? Were there any famous Elizabethan pamphleteers? All of these questions, plus a recap of the previous (second) tetralogy, and more, in our introduction to part one of Henry VI.
  1. History Chart
  2. The Hollow Crown, Season 2
  3. 1983 Henry VI part 1
  4. Marlow and Shakespeare as coauthors
  5. Literary Criticism of New Oxford
  6. Stylometrics - Marlowe and Shakespeare

Episode 181 | Too Famous To Live

Henry VI part 1 – Act I scene 1
At the foot of Henry V’s coffin, messengers deliver bad news from France. Winchester goes to the dark side.

  1. Scott’s Law - Connecting the use of Thou vs. You with personal space.
  2. “Character A might call Character B "thou" if and only if Character A would be allowed to step into Character B's personal space.” - Scott Maxwell
  3. • Use You: to address someone of equal, or greater personal space.
  4. • Use Thou: to address someone with lesser, or shared personal space.

Episode 182 | The Maid Of Orléans

Henry VI part 1 – Act I scene 2
Charles the Dauphin and his followers made a strong start, but their momentum falters at Orléans. Perhaps their siege needs a woman’s touch.

Episode 183 | None Shall Pass

Henry VI part 1 – Act I scenes 3, 4, 5 (6)
It’s not looking good. Gloucester is locked out of the tower. Talbot returns from captivity, only to witness the English lose ground to the French led by Joan.

Episode 184 | Bizarre Interlude

Henry VI part 1 – Act II scene 1, 2, 3
The historic loss of Orléans was too much to bear, therefore we will follow Talbot on a much more satisfying fantasy adventure.

Episode 185 | Plucking Roses

Henry VI part 1 – Act II scene 4, 5
An argument in the Temple Garden turns the red and white roses there into symbols of enmity. Richard Plantagenet pays a visit to his dying uncle and discovers his destiny.

Episode 186 | Enter The King

Henry VI part 1 – Act III scene 1
Even though he is only a child, King Henry VI makes his first appearance in order to stop the feuding between Gloucester and Winchester… oh, and to restore Richard Plantagenet as the rightful Duke of York.

Episode 187 | Twit Me Not

Henry VI part 1 – Act III scene 2, 3, 4
Taunts are hurled from the walls of Rouen. Joan puts Burgundy’s loyalty to the test as King Henry arrives in Paris.

Episode 188 | Two Crowns One King

Henry VI part 1 – Act IV scene 1
In Paris, with his second coronation, Henry is now king of England and France, but the moment is eclipsed by traitors and petty squabbles.

Episode 189 | Icarus

Henry VI part 1 – Act IV scene 2-7
As Talbot and son fight for their lives at Bordeaux, York and Somerset bicker over blame from a distance.

Episode 190 | The Once and Future Queen

Henry VI part 1 – Act V scene 1, 2, 3
An older King Henry still follows Gloucesters lead, as Winchester becomes a Cardinal, Joan despairs, and Margaret makes an impression.

Episode 191 | Ash and Desire

Henry VI part 1 – Act V scene 4, 5
Joan makes her fiery exit as France agrees to peace, and Henry chooses his Queen.