2 Henry IV

Episodes 101 - 109. Originally released on May, 11 2013

Show Notes

Episode 101 | House of a Thousand Windows

2 Henry IV – Prologue – Act I scene 1
We jump back into the unstable world of Henry IV as the slanderous tongue of Rumour works its way through the land and into eager ears.
With Tom Synnott-Bell as Rumour featuring Aftermath by Kevin MacLeod

Episode 102 | Fillip Me With A Three-Man Beetle

2 Henry IV – Act I scene 2 & 3
Things are looking pretty bleak for the realm as Falstaff waddles back into our lives along with a whole new batch of rebels.

Episode 103 | Road To Ruin

2 Henry IV – Act II scene 1 & 2
Hostess Quickly attempts to reclaim a debt from Falstaff. Prince Hal unceremoniously wonders back into the play.

Episode 104 | In Hotspur's Shadow

2 Henry IV – Act II scene 3
Northumberland is about to join forces with the rebels against the King, but his wife and the Lady Percy have other ideas. Spoiler: It involves going to Scotland. Special guest vocals by Heather Ordover.

Episode 105 | Boar's Head Redux

2 Henry IV – Act II scene 4
Romance is ripe, back in our favorite tavern, as Falstaff and Doll Tearsheet while away the evening. At some point a Pistol will go off. Special guest vocals by Kymberly Tuttle.

Episode 106 | Past Is Prologue

2 Henry IV – Act III scene 1 & 2
King Henry finally appears in his own play, while Falstaff travels out into the country (taking the long road to Yorkshire) pricking as he goes.

Episode 107 | John Gives Peace A Chance

2 Henry IV – Act IV scene 1 & 2
Prince John invites the The Archbishop of York and crew to parley peace (oh look, there's wine!) and Falstaff arrives just in time to catch some action.

Episode 108 | Not Dead Yet

2 Henry IV – Act IV scene 3
As the King's time comes to an end, Prince Hal gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Suddenly the future isn't looking so bright: what's a father to do?

Episode 109 | Farewell Sack And Sugar

2 Henry IV – Act V scene 1-5
As the wayward prince sets aside his past in order to become the king, there's still a few loose ends to tie up and one final showdown to be had.