The Chop Bard podcast passionatley picks apart the plays of William Shakespeare, scene by scene, line by line, in search of entertainment and understanding, offering a fresh and entertaining look at some old goods- it is the cure for boring Shakespeare.

Current Series

Henry 6 part 3

Episode 205 | The Woeful King

Henry VI part 3 – Act II Scene 3, 4, 5, 6
A bloody battle is underway, and Henry must bear witness to the cruelties of civil war.

Episode 204 | My Three Suns

Henry VI part 3 – Act II scene 1, 2
After the brutal execution of York, it’s now up to his sons and Warwick to pick up the pieces and carry on reaching for the crown. Margaret is not at all impressed.

  1. Threshing with flails

Episode 203 | Alas, Poor York

Henry VI part 3 – Act I Scene 2, 3, 4
As York’s sons urge him to reconsider his oath, Margaret and Clifford unleash their fury.

Episode 202 | The Crown Undone

Henry VI part 3 – Act I scene 1
To avoid further bloodshed, King Henry makes a desperate proclamation. I’m not not sure the Queen will agree.