Romeo & Juliet

Episodes 2 - 20. Originally released on July 8, 2008

Show Notes

Episode 2 | They Die?

Romeo & Juliet – Act I, scene 1
we’re easing into Romeo and Juliet. We linger awhile over the epilogue, point out some flaws, and offer up a little comedy in this tragedy.

Episode 3 | Wormwood Nipples!

Romeo & Juliet – Act I, scene 2 & 3
We've got fate cooking up a little party, and a nurse who likes talking about her dugs. Yummy.

Episode 4 | Why All The Repetition?

We break from our exploration of Romeo & Juliet, and take a look at two of the movies made from Shakespeare’s play. Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann are up on the chopping block and one of them isn’t getting off all in one piece!

Episode 5 | It's The Mercutio Show!

Romeo & Juliet – Act I, scene 4
It's all about Mercutio. Forget Romeo and Juliet, this is the man of the hour. He's a bit raunchy, but you got to love him. otherwise he might not go away...

Episode 7 | Prodigious Birth Of Love

Romeo & Juliet – Act I, scene 5
We finish off act I. Romeo and Juliet finally meet, and we have a new segment- Cover your tender ears, it's hot!

Episode 8 | Love Be Blind

Romeo & Juliet – Act II, scene 1
We stagger into Act 2 as Romeo tries to avoid his mischievous friends, setting Mercutio in rare form. And I review McCarter Theatre’s production of Twelfth Night.

Episode 9 | Wherefore Means Why!

Romeo & Juliet – Act II, scene 2
Safely hidden by the night we sneak into Act II.2… the long awaited balcony scene! Did I say safely? There be dangerous water ahead...

Episode 10 | Mind Your Thees And Yous

Romeo & Juliet – Act II, scene 3
introduces us to Friar Laurence - Romeo is in good hands now - and we’ll hear his wise old advice. Also, have a look at for some free Shakespeare in the park.

Episode 11 | It’s All In The Details

Romeo & Juliet – Act II, scene 4, 5, & 6
We’re wrapping up act II, with scenes 4, 5, and 6: We get a little more Mercutio, a dash of salty nurse, all topped off by a secret marriage!

Episode 12 | O, Loving Hate

Romeo & Juliet – Act IIII, scene 1
It’s act III, and everything is about to change. Spoiler alert: not everyone will make it out alive. Riding Without Fighting! by Adam and the Couch Potatoes, courtesy of

Episode 14 | Worser Than Death

Romeo & Juliet – Act III, scene 2
Act III.2 gives us Juliet, as she impatiently awaits the arrival of her untried husband- is it just me or did it suddenly get a lot hotter in here? Quick, somebody call the nurse! Too later, she’s already here… and the news isn’t good.
Lonesome Hearted Woman’s Blues by Plastic Soul band, courtesy of

Episode 16 | The Friar Strikes Back

Romeo & Juliet – Act III, scene 3 & 4
What has become of Romeo? We’ll find out as we poke around in act III scene 3, and 4, to see what the Capulet’s are up too. Is it me, or is there a lot of whining in here?

Episode 17 | Where Are All The Sword Fights?

Romeo & Juliet – Act III, scene 5
The final scene in act 3 is chock full of sorrow and obstacles. The kids part ways, and Juliet is given an ultimatum... Take a bite anyway- it's good for you!

Episode 18 | Just Like The Time Hermione Died

Romeo & Juliet – Act IV, scene 1, 2, & 3
We follow Juliet into Act 4, scene 1 though 3. If the Friar can’t help her find a way out, at least she has a knife. Still no sword fights… but there is a potion.

Episode 19 | O, Woeful, Woeful, Woeful

Romeo & Juliet – Act IV, scene 4 | Act V, scene 1 & 2
The wedding cheer becomes a sad burial feast, as we close out act 4, and jump into act 5-which is full of poison and wayward letters. Not even William Kempe (? - 1603) could turn this around.

Episode 20 | Poor Sacrifices Of Enmity

Romeo & Juliet – Act V, scene 3
Its drink and dagger time in Verona as we end the play with act 5 scene 3. Some shall be pardon'd, and some punished- hey, we get one more sword fight! Bring it on by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, courtesy of