HENRY VI, part 2

Episodes 191- 201. Originally released on Aug 7, 2019

Show Notes

Episode 192 | Ambition Follows

Henry VI part 2 – Act I scene 1
Suffolk returns from France with England’s new Queen, Margaret. Cardinal Beaufort sows discord against Gloucester.

Episode 193 | Mrs. Protector

Henry VI part 2 – Act I scene 2
Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester, knows how to overcome a base and humble mind.

  1. Henry VI Relations and Associations

Episode 194 | Enter La Queen

Henry VI part 2 – Act I scene 3
Queen Margaret confides in Suffolk. Gloucester is beset with slanders. A mechanical’s petition casts doubt on York. The King barely speaks.

Episode 195 | Within The Hallowed Verge

Henry VI part 2 – Act I scene 4
The witch, conjuror, and priest promised by John Hume, gather in Gloucesters garden where they will raise a spirit to answers Dame Eleanor’s 3 questions.

Episode 196 | Report of Naughty Persons

Henry VI part 2 – Act IV scene 1
King Henry and Queen Margaret, accompanied by quarreling nobles, are hawking in St. Albans when they encounter a miracle.

Episode 197 | Tangled

Henry VI part 2 – Act II scene 2, 3, 4
York confides in his friends. Henry delivers his judgment. Peter thumps Horner. Humphrey and Eleanor part forever.

Episode 198 | The Laboring Spider

Henry VI part 2 – Act III scene 1
As Gloucester falls, York rises.

Episode 199 | Murder In Bury

Henry VI part 2 – Act III scene 2, 3
As the King is about to try Gloucester’s case, a suspicious death is discovered, and there will be hell to pay.

Episode 200 | Kill All The Lawyers

Henry VI part 2 – Act IV Scene 1-10
Suffolk, in disguise, sets sail into exile as Jack Cade and his Kentish rebels turn the realm upside down and inside out.

Episode 201 | The White Rose Unveiled

Henry VI part 2 – Act V scene 1, 2, 3
As York reaches for the crown, Yorkist and Lancastrian allies gather for the coming conflict.