Henry V

Episodes 111 - 125. Originally released on November 11, 2013

Show Notes

Episode 111 | A Background Of Division

Henry V – Pre Show
We begin our 8th series with a little history, a touch of perspective, and a lot of strife, in an effort to have a great war!

Episode 112 | Cue The Muse

Henry V – Act I scene 0 & 1
Turns out, this play is full of actors only pretending to wage war. The Archbishop of Canterbury tries to save the church.
Opening music: "Devastation and Revenge" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Episode 113 | It's A McGuffin!

Henry V – Act I scene 2
The Salic law issue is laid to rest, and the ambassadors from France bring a very special gift from the Dauphin to King Henry.

Episode 114 | The Humour Of It

Henry V – Act II scene 0 & 1
The youth of England may be hot for war, but before we follow the King to Southampton, we need to visit some old friends in Eastcheap.

Episode 115 | Monstrous Treachery

Henry V – Act II scene 2
Unmasking betrayal proves easier than finding it's heart, as Henry deals with Cambridge, Scroop and Grey.

Episode 116 | Adieu l'Angleterre

Henry V – Act II scene 3 & 4
After one final visit to the old tavern in Eastcheap, we say farewell to England and bonjour to France, where King Charles VI prepares for the worst.

Episode 117 | Allons-y! Allons-y!

Henry V – Act III scene 0 & 1
With speed of thought we fly from the port, to sea, to France, to battle... and once more unto the breach!

Episode 118 | Les Disciplines De La Guerre

Henry V – Act III scene 2 & 3
Some will shirk, while others fight, as the siege of Harfleur comes to an end.

Episode 120 | Pardon Mes Français

Henry V – Act III scene 3-6
Katherine learns English, and the French vent their fury, while Henry and his army limp along toward Calais.

Episode 121 | Beaucoup De Bruit Pour Chevaux

Henry V – Act III scene 7 – Act IV scene 0
In the long hours before battle, the French boast and play at wits, while the English contemplate their doom.

Episode 122 | Toute La Nuit

Henry V – Act IV scene 1
We take a late-night, early-morning stroll with Henry, to clear our heads. No sleep 'til Agincourt!

Episode 123 | Agincourt Commence

Henry V – Act IV scene 2-6
Sunrise on Saint Crispin's day. Time to start the bloody battle!

Episode 124 | Agincourt Conclu

Henry V – Act IV scene 7 & 8
Time to end the bloody battle, count the dead, and bring out the gloves.

Episode 125 | Un Aller Et Retour

Henry V – Act V scene 0-2
The battle of Agincourt may be over, but Henry has yet to face his greatest challenge: Winning the heart of Katherine of France.