Richard II

Episodes 74 - 87. Originally released on January 27, 2012

Show Notes

Episode 74 | Condemned To Repeat

Richard II pre show –
We begin our 5th series with an epic battle between the forces of history, vs. the pen of Shakespeare... sorry History, you lose.

Episode 75 | The Lion Rampant

Richard II – Act I scene 1 & 2
Blood must answer for blood, as Richard tries in vain to tame two of his "leopards", and an old Duchess cries out for vengeance.

Episode 76 | The Breath of Kings

Richard II – Act I scene 3 & 4
Bolingbroke and Mowbray prepare to engage in mortal combat. That odor you smell isn't horse- it's Bushy, Bagot and Green.

Episode 77 | Degenerate Dick

Richard II – Act II scene 1
Bad news: John of Gaunt is dying while the country withers in shame. Good News: Richard has now found a way to pay for his war.

Episode 78 | Run Away! Run Away!

Richard II – Act II scene 2
The Queen is very sad, and- OMG! Bolingbroke has landed at Ravenspurgh! He's back! What do we do... what do we do?

Episode 79 | Lancaster Rising

Richard II – Act II scene 3 & 4
He's back! He's Back! Bolingbroke is back! But what does he intend?

Episode 80 | Royal Meltdown

Richard II – Act III scene 1 & 2
Time for Bushy and Green to face the music. Richard returns to England. We witness the mother of all tantrums.

Episode 81 | Down, Down, Down!

Richard II – Act III scene 3
Bolingbroke and Richard come face to face, like fire and water, to end this rebellious uprising.

Episode 82 | Rue In The Garde

Richard II – Act III scene 4
The Queen (Isabel) is down in the dumps, as we learn about good horticulture, and get a harsh lesson in the dangers of spying.

Episode 83 | Woeful Pageant

Richard II – Act IV scene 1
Bolingbroke, not yet King, has his hands full trying to solve the murder of Gloucester, get his hot-tempered lords in line, and that other thing... deposing Richard.

Episode 84 | Weep The Fire Out

Richard II – Act V scene 1
Farewell crown, and now, farewell Queen, as Richard says goodbye to his wife, Isabel.

Episode 85 | A Serpent Within

Richard II – Act V scene 2-4
King Henry IV makes his first appearance, the Duke and Duchess of York squabble over their treacherous son Aumerle, and we get a hint of things to come...

Episode 86 | Anointed In Blood

Richard II – Act V scene 5 & 6
While Richard waxes philosophic in his solitary prison, Henry takes on the burdens of being King.

Episode 87 | Laying Richard To Rest

Richard II
To conclude this series, another discussion with poet and playwright, G.Robin Smith, about this most excellent and infectious play.