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We’re lifting Shakespeare off the page and back onto his feet. With passionate insight and fearless examination, we offer the works of William Shakespeare in the spirit for which they were originally intended – As entertainment for a diverse and current audience.

Anyone who’s gotten a taste of good Shakespeare knows there is no settling for less. It doesn’t need to be extraordinary or expensive. It can be small, and simple. Done well, it only needs to be honest to have the power to move. Strip away all the pretentious highbrow perception, and elitist crap, and you’ll find Shakespeare speaking of common wants and needs, of Love, of loss, of hatred, joy, envy, passion, and more. Things from inside of us, made great.

400 years ago, Shakespeare wrote “The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.” It still gets a huge laugh from audiences today. The works of Shakespeare are incredibly vibrant, relevant and deserving constant rebirth. These plays- whatever circumstances brought about their creation, for what ever use, political or other- they are ultimately about us. As we sit in the theatre and watch Hamlet struggle to conquer the obstacles in his way, we can see a little of ourselves in him. We want to party with Mercutio, bang Juliet (or party with Juliet and bang Mercutio); be at Falstaff’s table listening to his lies; walk with King Henry and know what true greatness is… in these plays we may experience the things we long for in life, and at least for a few hours, share a common bond with the audience and players alike. And what could be better than that?