Episodes 21 - 39. Originally released on February 22, 2010

Show Notes

Episode 21 | Stick it Freud!

Intro Episode
We begin our series on Hamlet by letting go of some of the baggage this poor play has had to carry around, while we shed some light on the myth of Hamlet’s mommy issues. More fun is sure to follow. Shakespeare Pie by The FuMP, courtesy of mevio.com

Episode 22 | Cue the ghost

Hamlet – Act I scene 1
we begin at midnight, in the cold… and already there is trouble in the air.

Episode 23 | Welcome to Elsinore!

Hamlet – Act I scene 2
Come meet the new King, his sometime sister-wife, and his chief-courtier-cousin-son, Hamlet.

Episode 24 | Chaste Treasure lockdown

Hamlet – Act I scene 3
Ophelia gets a double dose of advice, from her Brother and her father; both drumming to the same tune- stay away from Hamlet. What’s a girl to do…?
Run Runaway by Great Big Sea, courtesy of mevio.com

Episode 25 | I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts

Hamlet – Act I scene 4 & 5
Time for Hamlet to meet the ghost... and his world is about to change... and yes, there's something rotten in Denmark.

Episode 26 | The art of indirectly directing

Hamlet – Act II scene 1
Reynaldo (who’s Reynaldo?) is sent to Paris by Polonius to spy on Laertes, while Ophelia is having more boy trouble. It’s rough growing up in Denmark.
Love is denied, by The Pulpit, courtesy of mevio.com

Episode 27 | OMG This Is The Longest Scene!

Hamlet – Act II scene 2, part 1
R & G have been sent for to spy on H for C & G, but P thinks he already knows why H is mad. V & C return with good news from the King of N, and P tries to board H. And that’s just in the first part.

Episode 28 | Speak It To The Wolves

Hamlet – Act II scene 2, part 2
Hamlet is reunited with his old chums Rosencrantz & Guildenstern… or is it Guildenstern & Rosencrantz… then the actors show up, a plan is born, and we get another famous soliloquy- lights out, and scene.
Mari Mac, by The Dust Rhinos, courtesy of mevio.com

Episode 29 | What’s The Rub Got To Do With It?

Hamlet – Act III scene 1
"To be or not to be", and "get thee to a nunnery". What else is there to say? Hamlet has a tough choice to make, a difficult encounter to navigate and- oh yeah, a play to edit.

Episode 30 | What’s It All About, Hamlet?

Hamlet – Act III scene 2
The play’s the thing wherein Shakespeare can hide the “C” word. It’s opening night in Elsinore, and while his Mousetrap may not win a Tony, he will at least get a Claudius.

Episode 31 | This Hent Isn't Horrid Enough

Hamlet – Act III scene 3
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are getting ready for a trip, Claudius holds a private little pity party, and on route to see his mother, Hamlet crosses over to the dark side.

Episode 32 | Hamlet… In The Closet… With The Rapier…

Hamlet – Act III scene 4
Hamlet finally confronts his mother, we lose the foolish old man, and Freud’s evil influence returns, attempting to turn everyone into an hysteric.

Episode 33 | So Long, And Thanks For All The Worms!

Hamlet – Act IV scene 1, 2, & 3
Hamlet’s hidden the body, and good luck getting a straight answer out of him! Where is it? Sponge… Where? Worms… Where’s Polonius? Guts... Time to go to England. Mother…

Episode 34 | Crossing Denmark

Hamlet – Act IV scene 4
En Route to England, our escorted prince runs into Fortinbras and his army, inspiring him to perform one final soliloquy… we are promised bloody thoughts. Hurray!
How's It Gonna End, by Tom Waits, courtesy of mevio.com

Episode 35 | Mad World

Hamlet – Act IV scene 5
Ophelia goes crazy, (she has her reasons), we’re besieged with some really long sentences, and Laertes comes home looking for revenge! It’s all Hamlet’s fault (except for the sentences)… but he’s out of town right now.

Episode 36 | Captured By Pirates Is Good

Hamlet – Act IV scene 6 & 7
Horatio gets a letter from Hamlet, and oh joy, he’s back in town. Claudius gets a similar letter, but isn’t so happy; time to come up with a plan to kill the little @#$% before it’s too late! And oh, poor Laertes, I’m afraid we have some bad news…

Episode 37 | Ladies of Hamlet

Hamlet Special
Guest actor, Kymberly Tuttle, and I speak about the women of Hamlet, Shakespeare, and somehow end up with a little Brecht in the mix. It's difficult to keep on topic with so many ways to play it!

Episode 38 | Two clowns Enter, One Clown Leaves

Hamlet – Act V scene 1
Finally, Hamlet’s back in the play, and there are clowns in the graveyard! It doesn’t make Ophelia’s funeral any more festive though.

Episode 39 | Unbated And Envenomed Since 1600

Hamlet – Act V scene 2
It's the end for Hamlet. But he won’t go down quietly, and certainly not alone. He's going to have plenty of company in the hereafter… who could ask for more?