Episodes 56 - 72. Originally released on May 6, 2011

Show Notes

Episode 56 | Difficult To Stage Effectively

Macbeth – Pre-show
Time to start our series on one of Shakespeare's darkest plays. It's all fun and games until you start slipping around in the gore.
She's a witch, by Oland, courtesy of

Episode 57 | Hello Darkness

Macbeth – Act I scene 1 & 2
We begin with witches, meet King Duncan, and hear news of a bloody battle. I mean lots of blood... Buckets. Rivers of blood, and Macbeth isn't even on stage yet.
In the Past, by Satan's Pilgrims, courtesy of

Episode 58 | Witch Way To Cawdor

Macbeth – Act I scene 3 & 4
The Weird Sisters are back, and ready to meet with Macbeth. They have news to share, and something deep and dark begins to stir in the Thane of Glamis.

Episode 59 | Look Who's Coming To Dinner!

Macbeth – Act I scene 5 & 6
Lady Macbeth learns of the honors and events that have fallen upon her gentle husband... and fate is sending a very special guest her way.
One Bad Woman, by Nathan Wiley, courtesy of

Episode 60 | Witch Slapped

Macbeth – Act I scene 7
Macbeth makes a decision, but it doesn't sit well with the wife, and Lady Macbeth unleashes her gentle powers of persuasion.
Darkness Falls, by Sixty Miles Down, courtesy of

Episode 61 | Sleep No More

Macbeth – Act II scene 1 & 2
Darkness, screeching owls, daggers of the mind, and unseen voices in the night can only mean one thing: So long Duncan, we hardly knew you.
You Can Never Hold Back Spring, by Tom Waits, courtesy of

Episode 62 | The Primrose Path

Macbeth – Act II scene 3 & 4
Knock, knock. Who's there? Murther. Murther who? King Thuncan hath been murthered!

Episode 63 | Downside Of Regicide

Macbeth – Act III scene 1 & 2
Banquo has doubts as the Lord and Lady Macbeth settle into their new life of unease, suspicion, and bad dreams.
Another Man's Vine, by Tom Waits, courtesy of

Episode 64 | Dead Man's Party

Macbeth – Act III scene 3 & 4
A bloody murder is carried out while Macbeth's grand feast gets underway- hey, who invited the bloody ghost?
Zombie Dance Party, by Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion, courtesy of

Episode 65 | Between The Lines

Macbeth – Act III scene 5 & 6
Hecate gets snubbed, Lennox gives us a wonderful example of irony without the humor, and there's a hint of war in the air.
The Witch, by Clinic, courtesy of

Episode 67 | Cauldron Fever

Macbeth – Act IV scene 1
The weird sisters lay down some freaky dark magic as Macbeth returns to them for a dose of "good news, bad news". This is way beyond putting the lime in the coconut.
stars burn out, by lacunae, courtesy of

Episode 68 | Blood In The Nest

Macbeth – Act IV scene 2
Lady Macduff and her children put in a brief appearance in one of the darkest scenes in the play. Shakespeare may not have known too much about birds, but he knew a heck of a lot about death.
Sleep with the Angels, by (De La Vega) Ivy League, courtesy of

Episode 69 | Breaking Macduff

Macbeth – Act IV scene 3
We find Macduff in England, trying to convince Malcolm to save Scotland, and things get weird.

Episode 70 | No Fear Till Birnam!

Macbeth – Act V scene 1 - 3
Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking and the Thanes fly from Macbeth as he prepares for the coming war. Suddenly, it's not so good to be the King.
See it as it Ends, by Confession of Faith, courtesy of

Episode 71 | Speaking of Macbeth...

Macbeth talk
In this episode I sit down with G.Robin Smith to talk Macbeth- everything from death and transformation, to "Whatever Happened to Baby Thane?"
The Wind and The Rain, by Trilsean, courtesy of G.Robin Smith

Episode 72 | Closing Accounts

Macbeth – Act V scene 4 - 9
The blood of innocence is not spilt without a heavy price to be paid, and Macbeth has worked up quite a tab. It's time to face the man, not of woman born.
Song of Sixpence, by 4 and 20 blackbirds, courtesy of